Ghostory – Coorperation with the Tokyo University of Technology

Travel back in time to help a lost spirit find his peace through regaining his memory and solve the mystery for his sudden and mysterious death.
Ghostory is a story-driven 2D Adventure Game which involves a two worlds dualism: The “Ghost World” and the “Real World”. You play as a Japanese boy named Haru using a controller. Interacting may involve special ghost abilities, such as projecting or deforming items.

Worked on


  • Gameplay:
    • Character movement (Player, and ghost following)
    • Item interaction
    • “Deformable items” feature
    • Using items within the scene
    • Riddle implementation
  • Level logic:
    • Item combine logics
    • Event handling
    • Scene management
  • Visual logic:
    • “fake” a 3D scene in a 2D environment
      • Player height adapts perspectively to its position
      • Player movement speed adapts perspectively to its position
      • Items and scene-elements change their layer based on player-position
  • Audio structure:
    • Multiple audio sources that can be accessed independently
    • Audio sources structured in mixer (Voices, UI, SFX, etc.)
  • UI:
    • Worked on the interface between character controller and inventory
    • Implemented “Diary of memories”-UI

Game Design

  • Worked out the setting
  • Worked out the vision for the game
  • Worked out rules of the world & game
  • Worked out core mechanics
  • Designed the first four levels


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Github repository: Click here!

Language & Engine

C# & Unity

Technology used

Unity3D, Visual Studio, GitHub, Trello & Photoshop


Work in progress! Started in summer 2017, next milestone presentation at ADD ON at Hs Harz, Wernigerode


“Distributed Game Development” Module at Harz University of Applied Sciences In cooperation with the Tokyo University of Technology

Persons involved

Shuto Aoyagi, Johanna Haupt, Mona Holtmann, Kengo Kuwabara, Genta Maejima, Bastian Meyer, Ivo Max Müllner, Annette Oefner, Vardan Sharma, Mirko Skroch, Jasmin Strnad, Makoto Uozaki