GLTCH – 3D video-game-glitches-focused vertical slice

GLTCH was developed as 2 man project over the course of 1 semester as part of the Masters module “3D Design & Dynamics”.

The game is focused on various properties of in-game objects that can have wrong values, such as objects being distorted, NPC’s behaving incorrectly or missing materials.

Most of the environment and terrain was modeled by ourself within Blender with the only exceptions being stones and some smaller props (e. g. barrels).

I also wrote the extra shaders we needed with Unity’s Shaderlab/HLSL.

Worked on


  • Backend
    • State-Machines
    • Dialog System
    • Event System
    • Progress/Game Manager
  • Gameplay
    • Player Controller
    • Features:
      • Make holo walls visible
      • Let Objects float back to their original position
  • Graphics & Performance Optimization
    • LOD for all objects
    • Billboarding for trees
    • GPU Instancing/Batching
    • Baking lights
    • Occlusion Culling
  • UI/UX
    • UI Bar
    • Button Design
    • Input Controls
    • Refreshes on State-Machine updates

Game & Level Design

  • Worked out the setting
  • Worked out rules and core mechanics
  • Designed the level
  • Designed the environment

3D & Shaders

Water Shader
Holo Wall/Animated Fresnel Shader
Tree models
Details & Environment Design