DuaLity – Global Game Jam 2022 (Late Entry)

For the GGJ 2022 I teamed up with two friends of mine. Sadly, due to illness, we weren’t able to participate during the jam but we still wanted to make a game so we decided to make our own jam a week later under the same conditions as the Global Game Jam.

As the theme of the GGJ 2022 was set on “duality”, we came up with the simple idea of making a co-op platformer, where one player would play as “Dua”, with the ability to create blocks and platforms, and the other one would play as “Lity”, who has the ability to destory blocks…obviously. The goal of the game is to not only to complete the level but to find balance within creation and destruction as there can never be too many or too few blocks in the world or otherwise it starts to collapse.

The game was developed with Unity3D, with the models being created in Blender and the “soundtrack” being made in Cubase.

Worked on


  • Backend
    • World Setup
    • Game Manager
    • Prefabs
  • Gameplay Features
    • Player Controller
    • Block Creating
    • Block Destroying
  • Coding Animations
  • Audio


Dua & Lity
Scene Overview
Dua jumping