eSport HS Harz – Student initiative

The student initiative “eSport & Gaming Hs Harz” is a project, started by me and a fellow student Steven Lesnikowski, to provide a platform for students at our university where they can find other fellow students with similiar interests in similar games and e. g. form teams to participate in tournaments like the University ESport-League Germany (UEG).

We started this project in spring 2017 with a team of 9 players for League of Legends and got acknowledged as an official part of the University in fall 2017 in the later half of the semester and since then are expanding with more members, games to be played and smaller and bigger events we are organizing, like e. g. board game evenings or a LAN-Party for all students.


Official Facebook Page

My role

Founder and 2nd executive

Current number of members



2 Rocket League teams, 1 League of Legends team, 16 Fortnite-players